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This article was originally published in Issue 9 of EuroBerge and has been converted into a post on the site for your enjoyment. It was originally published on October 15th, 2010.

The 24th annual WestFest, to raise money for Meals on Wheels, was held on Sunday, August 29th at Ed Carroll Motor Company in Fort Collins. Over the past few years, this Audi/VW/Porsche dealership has opened its lot up to raise money for this great cause, bringing in cars from all over Colorado and Wyoming to show support and raise money for the foundation.  With more than 100 cars in attendance, from classic 356’s to the newest Audi R8, this end of summer show was one of the most diverse for the VAG community in Colorado.

The Meals on Wheels program has long looked to outside donations to help pay for the services it provided, and teaming up with the Rocky Mountain chapters of the Porsche 356 club and Audi club of North America, along with Ed Carroll Motor Company, has proven years past to be a successful venture. This year was no exception as entry fees and generous giving raised over $4,000. With so many great cars in attendance, and over 70% of the Ed Carroll lot being taken up by show cars, this year boasted the largest attendance to date.  A beautiful collection of Lamborghinis, a Ferrari and a beautiful Caterham  even showed up just to help show support for the fundraiser.  Just goes to show that you never know who, or what, will show up when it comes to helping out others.

With a large tent set up in the middle of the Porsche filled section of the lot, attendees were able to learn about the amazing Meals on Wheels program and make individual donations directly to the foundation. Some of the great staff from MOW were on site to happy to answer any questions about the program, and were the most thankful for even the smallest of donations.

On top of the wide variety of vehicles present, a local band filled the air with tunes while burgers and hot dogs were cooked on the barbeque, all the while the vehicles were surrounded by jaw-dropped on lookers. With more and more people piling in from the street to check out the wide array all the way to the very end of the show, it is easy to see why this family event was such a huge success for everyone involved.

While this was not the one of the leading European shows in Colorado, the impact it had on just one small organization is monumental enough to say that it was one of the best attended by EuroBerge staff.