Welcome to the new EuroBerge.com

Mike Selander

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Over the past month or two we’ve been putting together a whole new EuroBerge.com. We wanted to custom-craft a whole new feel and aesthetic that combined our passion for great photography with our magazine roots and that’s what you see here today. We’ll be adding even more features to the site such as an event calendar and resources section where you can find out even more about your local shops, venues, products, and more. In addition, we’ve crammed a whole lot of content into the upcoming pipeline and you’ll start seeing a steadier stream of original articles and photoshoots about the Colorado European car lifestyle.

We’re also slowly “digitizing” the old EuroBerge issues, so you’ll be able to get to some of your favorite old content very soon!

Being a brand new, fully-custom site, it does still have some bugs. If you find one, please click on the “Feedback” button on the right or email us and let us know about it! We’ll be here to fix them ASAP.

Let us know what you think of the site below in the comments!