EuroHarvest Aftermath

Stephen Sullivan

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In keeping with the long-standing tradition of gathering enthusiasts in locations up and down the Denver front range, we recently hosted EuroHarvest, the large Euro get together for the fall.  An opportunity for like-minded enthusiasts to meetup, not worrying about polish and paint, judging and entrance fees, free to come and go as they please has always been the goal of the get together.  There are no prizes, no judges, no restrictions; just a group of old and new friends gathering to catch up and enjoy the day.  Located in the shadow of the hills of Golden, CO, we invited all of our friends and fans out to help celebrate the end of summer and beginning of fall.


Doing it up a little different this year, the local enthusiast shops were invited out to setup tents and display their summer projects and advertise services, which brought a whole new look to these free-for-all gatherings.  Also in attendance were the much loved (and necessary) food trucks PinkTank and LostCoffee, feeding the hungry masses great food and hot drinks for the few hours we took over.


We are thankful for the crowd of enthusiasts that made this one of the most successful gatherings in the state for 2012, braving the cold, the wet, and the slippery to meet new people, see great rides, and have a good time.  In the spirit of the Colorado motoring enthusiast, EuroHarvest was a great success, setting the bar for EuroBerge and the community for the future.

Paul Quaiser
Paul Quaiser

Gotta love how that Imola Yellow is a smile on a cloudy day.